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  • Free - Our email is 100% free. There is no cost for unlimited usage.
  • Private - Your email is web based and password protected so it cannot be seen by your employer or anyone else.
  • Globally Accessible - Send and receive mail from any computer with any browser from anywhere in the world, even if you change ISPs.
  • Permanent - Your account and email address are yours forever.
  • SPAM Free - Our service uses the latest technology to block SPAM before it can reach your inbox.
  • Personalized - You get to choose your own email address.
  • Versatile - Our email service includes attachment capabilities so you can send images, photos, or documents.
  • 6MB of Storage - We give you 6MB of storage to keep and archive email messages you receive.
  • Fast & Easy - It only takes a minute to check your messages because it's fast and easy to access.
  • Custom Filters - Filters can be customized to allow you to control incoming mail.
  • Folders - Folders allow for quick organization of mail.
  • Address Book - Our service includes an easy to use address book with multiple groups to help keep you in touch with family and friends.
  • No Attachment Limit - Our email offers unlimited attachment size for your convenience.
  • HTML Mail - Messages can be sent using HTML or normal text.
  • Stationery - Choose from a variety of stationery when sending messages.
  • Personal Signature - You can create and personalize a signature to be included at the end of each email message you send.
  • POP mail retrieval - Retrieve messages from POP accounts and read them anywhere.
  • Message Search - Search functionality lets users search the message body, header, or folders for messages containing particular words or phrases.
  • Built-in Help - Get help instantly.


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